5th Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry Symposium

Monday 1st September – Tuesday 2nd September, 2022

Abstract Submission Form

Welcome to the 5th Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry Symposium Abstract Submission Form. The deadline for poster abstract submission is Midnight (BST), Thursday 2nd June, 2022. The deadline for oral presentation abstract submission is Midnight (BST), Friday 22nd April 2022.

Invited speakers should use this form to submit the abstract for their talks. Additionally those wishing to present a poster or oral presentation should also use this form to submit an abstract by the deadline stated above. The organising committee will select those oral presentations or posters they consider appropriate to the purpose of the conference. Poster abstract submitters can also indicate whether they are interested in giving a two-minute flash presentation about their poster. The organising committee will meet soon after the abstract submission closing date and successful oral presentations and poster presenters will then be notified as soon as possible.

Should you have any queries throughout the abstract submission process, please contact Hg3 Conferences at events@hg3.co.uk.

Before continuing to complete this form, please ensure you have read the Abstract Guidelines as this document provides important information on how you should submit your abstract.

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